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    Variabel frequency muscular electrostimulator

    B Side trainer is an EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) technology device commonly used by athletes and physiotherapists to rehabilitate and strengthen muscles.
    It offers a standard program with a 23-minute variable frequency session. Choose between 15 levels of intensity. This therefore allows you to personalise your workout.
    Designed specifically for use on the glutes, B side trainer helps to tone and mold them effortlessly from the comfort of your own home.

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  • SHINAIL – Art. 227

    Nails buffer

    flawless shining nails
    with a shiny finish as after
    applying the clear coat
    SHINAIL is an innovating device designed to make smooth, shiny nails quickly and safely.
    The micro roll, which rotates 360 degrees and maintains 1,900 rpm, allows to gently polish your nails, eliminating the irregularities present on their surface. It makes even hard-to-reach areas of the nails glossy and smooth.
    It is batteries operated and is designed to be comfortably handled.

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  • SMART BODY SCALE – Art. 869

    Electronic scale manually rechargeable

    SMART BODY SCALE is the innovative weighing scale that works without batteries: it recharges by simply pressing the button.
    Elegant design with support platform in transparent
    reinforced glass and easy reading thanks to the large
    digital display.
    Precise. Has a tolerance of only one hundred grams and offers the possibility to select between Kg and lb.
    Maximum allowable weight: up to 180 kg.



  • FLEXY – Art. 210

    Universal foldable travel diffusor space-saver

    FLEXY is a foldable travel diffuser that you can always take with you; it occupies little space and it is universal: adaptable to all hair dryers.
    With FLEXY the flow of hot air does not concentrate on one particular area but diffuses in a uniform way. It is equipped with special device to directly spread restructuring oil on your hair; FLEXY makes your hair softer and fuller.

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  • WIND SPIN – Art. 215

    Universal diffuser with cyclonic technology

    WIND SPIN is an innovative diffuser featuring cylonic technology which delivers volume and movement to every hairstyle.
    Soft silicone base which attaches easily to all hairdryers on the market.
    Simple to use: divide hair into locks, insert one lock at a time into the diffuser – the action of the hairdryer causes the lock of hair to begin to rotate.
    In just a few minutes your hair will have more volume.
    WIND SPIN contains internal deflectors which allow you to choose the rotation direction desired for each lock of hair, creating different hairstyles each time, always in style.

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  • SMART BRUSH – Art. 228

    Heated brush ceramic straightener 5 temperature intensities from 120 to 200°C

    Heated straightening brush for efficient straightening maintaining the natural hair volume. Ideal for all types of hair. Possibility to choose from 5 temperatures (120-140-160-180-200°C). External rigid combs to gently untangle the hair, even if long and thick. Soft silicone bristles to protect the skin. Ceramic heating elements
    to straighten the hair by uniformly distributing the heat and obtaining impeccable results. Ergonomic handle. 2.5 meter cable length. Automatic safety turn-off after 1 hour of use.
    Ready to use in 30 seconds.


  • SMART TWIST – Art. 219

    Automatic curling iron

    Innovative curling iron: Operates automatically creating perfect curls.
    Works with ceramic plates and acoustic signals 10 temperature settings from 140C° to 230C°, 11 time settings from 5 to 15 seconds.
    Curl direction can be set towards the right or left, or alternating.
    Automatic shut off after 60 minutes.
    Safe and easy to use.
    SMART TWIST creates soft and defined curls in just a few minutes.

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  • SOLAR – Art. 211

    Magnifying make up mirror with led light and suction cups

    5X Magnifying make up mirror with LED light.
    Thanks to its four suction cups, it can be mounted to any smooth surface.
    Water resistant. Perfect for travel or home.
    Ideal for applying make up or contact lenses.


  • POCKET MIRROR – Art. 218

    Mini double travel mirror magnifying/normal compact folding space saver with led lights

    Mini double travel mirror: Magnification 7 times normal.
    Adjustable: Compact and adjustable, it can be taken anywhere.
    LED lights illuminate for perfect make up application every time.
    Battery Powered.
    POCKET MIRROR: Indispensable at home or away.

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  • ECLIPSE – Art. 212


    Double mirror: 5X magnifying and normal.
    LED lighting to illuminate face and neck.
    Ideal to apply make up flawlessly.
    Practical and adjustable, it takes up little space
    and you can take it anywhere
    ECLIPSE: ideal for travel or home.

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  • SWINGO – Art. 224

    10X magnifying mirror with 24 LED lights.
    Strong and secure suction cup mounting.
    Fully adjustable.

    17.5 cm diameter including frame.
    10X magnifying mirror. Adjustable.
    Strong and secure suction cup mounting allows for easy horizontal plane or wall mounting.
    Chrome finish.
    24 LED lights perfectly light face and neck.

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  • SIRIO CLASSY – Art. 213A

    Magnifying/normal double sided rotating table mirror with led lighting

    5X and normal double sided chrome table mirror. LED lighting perfectly illuminates your face and neck.
    360 degree rotation allows viewing from any angle while battery power allows you to use it any where.
    Non skid base allows for flawless make up application.

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