Very powerful evaporative cooler with double fan

Elegant evaporative water cooler that is used to obtain fresh and clean air in any environment. Moving from left to right, the fins generate an air flow of 80° and up to 12 meters, double that of normal coolers.
Intuitive commands controllable directly from the touch screen panel, via the remote control. Three different fixed speeds and three different variable flow ventilation programs.
Programmable timer up to 9 hours with automatic shutdown. Quiet operation 63.9 dB(A). It does not require piping for operation. The swivel wheels means being able to transport and place it anywhere safely. Designed to receive air from three different inputs, it is able to lower the temperature to 6-8 degrees and cool an environment up to 100 m2.
To significantly increase the intensity of fresh air, it is advisable to use in the
water tank both the frozen ice boxes (contained in the package) and ice cubes.

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