Powerful ozone generator with timer sterilises the air
in all environments – ozone production 5,000 mg/h

The OZONAIR ozone generator eliminates germs, bacteria, viruses, spores,
fungi, formaldehyde and smoke, food and animal odours. So it sanitises and
cleans environments.
Ozonair can be used to sanitise: homes, offices, shops, doctors’ surgeries,
hotels, smoking areas, changing rooms, attics, cellars, cars, caravans and
The time required to sanitise a room is strictly linked to its size (see table in
the operation section). The duration of the ozone generator can be set in
a range of up to 120 minutes. The HOLD mode, then, allows the device to
work continuously.
OZONAIR should only be used indoors where there are no persons or animals.
After the treatment wait at least 2 hours before entering. After this
time open doors and windows for 30 minutes before remaining in the room.
In any case, never remain in an ozonated room if the ozone smell persists.
Never inhale the ozone emitted by the device.

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