Powerful air purifier
Wi-fi function and dedicated app

Pure Pure is a smart and powerful air purifier. Its multiple functions can be
controlled directly from the touch screen control panel or, if you prefer,
through a dedicated free APP in Italian, using a WI-FI connection.
The special 360° 4-in-1 3D filter consists of a prefilter for less fine impurities,
a HEPA H13 filter treated with an antibacterial solution, which captures
99.97% of ultrafine particles such as pollen, mites, mould spores and organic
compounds and an activated carbon filter that eliminates smoke, odours
and harmful gases.
The function of the UV LED light combined with the HEPA H13 antibacterial
filter disinfects and sterilises the environment, eliminating viruses and
PURE PURE is suitable for rooms up to 104 m2. It has a very high CADR (Clean
Air Delivery Rate) clean air emission rate of 400 m3/h and purifies the air in
a 20 m2. room in just 20 minutes.
LED indicator light that signals the need to replace the filter after 2,200 hours.
A very precise PM2.5 laser sensor automatically scans in real time the substances
present in the air and displays their quality on the touch screen
panel, both numerically (μg) and chromatically passing from blue to red
through yellow as the pollution increases.

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